What Do We Do?

Bryant Chapel, Church Street, Indianola ca. 1964 by Tracy Sugarman

Bryant Chapel, Church Street, Indianola ca. 1964 by Tracy Sugarman


Grass Roots Democrats

The Sunflower County Democratic Executive Committee is the face of the Democratic Party on the local level. Thirty of its members (six from each supervisor district) are elected at the County Democratic Convention once every four years following caucuses held at the precinct level. Our national and state rules require that its membership is evenly divided between male and female.

Additionally, the committee can appoint up to five at-large members. As currently constituted, your local committee has representatives from 15 of the county's 17 voting precincts, making it one of the most inclusive committees in recent history.

There are no dues or fees assessed to be a member of the committee and none of its members receive compensation. All are volunteers whose sole reward is knowing that they are fulfilling their duties as as citizens of a representative democracy.

Your committee has the following basic responsibilities:

 1. To fulfill all of the legal requirements of a county executive committee for the Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi within Sunflower County, Mississippi, including, but not limited to:

  •  Certifying Democratic Party candidates for elective offices on the county level;
  • Conducting party primaries for Sunflower County; and
  • Canvassing and certifying election returns in accord with the election laws of the State of Mississippi;

2. To serve as the governing body of the county party unit between conventions;

3. To advance the purposes and goals of the Democratic Party within the county.

If you are interested in helping us meet these responsibilities and preserve our people's democracy, please contact any of our members.