Rosenthal claims overwhelming victory in general election

Incumbent Democratic Indianola Mayor Steve Rosenthal won his third term in office in the Dec. 12 general election.

Rosenthal's win was more of a tsunami than a landslide. With only about 40 affidavits votes waiting to be counted, he defeated independent challenger Jimmy Smith 1,203 to 398, a stunning 74.67 percent of the votes. Joining him in leading the city government for the next four years will be Ward 1 Alderman Gary Fratesi, Ward 2 Alderman Darrell W. Simpson, Ward 3 Alderman Ruben Woods, Ward 4 Alderman Marvin Elder and Ward 5 Alderman Sam Brock, all Democrats. The aldermen faced no opposition in the Dec. 12 primary.

They will be sworn into office during a ceremony at the Sunflower County Court House at 6 p.m. on Jan. 3.

Rosenthal easily carried every city ward in the primary. The breakdown is as follows:

Ward 1 — Rosenthal 356 (87.68%), Smith 45 (11.08%); Ward 2 — Rosenthal 401 (99.01%), Smith 4 (0.99%); Ward 3 — Rosenthal 149 (55.39%), Smith 120 (44.61%); Ward 4 — Rosenthal 139 (59.15%), Smith 95 (40.43%); Ward 5 — Rosenthal 149 (60.82 percent), Smith 95 (38.78 percent)

Indianola Municipal Runoff set for Oct. 31

Because none of the candidates for the position of Mayor of Indianola did not receive a majority of the votes cast in Tuesdays election, the Indianola Democratic Executive Committee will hold a runoff on Tuesday Oct. 31 pitting front-runner Steve Rosenthal, the incumbent, against Michelle Jenkins, who received the second highest number of votes. The winner of the runoff will face an independent challenger in the Dec. 12 General Election.

The results of Tuesday's primary will not become official until Tuesday, Oct. 17 after the committee vets the four ballots cast by people who did not present voter IDs at the polls. They have until 5 p.m., Oct/ 17 to present their credentials to Acting City Clerk Charlotte Kilgore in order for their votes to be considered.


  • Vivian Michelle Byas Jenkins 973 (39.4 %)
  • Mario Robinson 277 (11.2%)
  • Steve Rosenthal 1,223 (49.45%


  • Gary Fratesi (unopposed incumbent) 431           


  • Linda Smith Myles 185 (33.82%)
  • Darrel W. Simpson 361 (66%)


  • Rickey Hoskins (suspended campaign) 25 (5.05%)                 
  • Harvey Watson, Jr. 76 (15.35%)                      
  • Ruben Woods (incumbent) 394 (79.6%)


  • Marvin "Starvin Marvin" Elder 295 (59.84%)         
  • Dana "Danny" Myrick (incumbent) 130 (26.21%)            
  • Sara L. Woods 71 (14.31%)


  • Sam Brock, Jr.  358 (84.04%)                              
  • Ricardo Gibson 67 (15.73%)


The three candidates for the Indianola Municipal Democratic Executive Committee, all running at large, were also elected during the primary. They new committee will be made up of Cynthia Armstrong, Foster King and David Rushing, all current members.


Indianola Voting Precincts

  • Ward 1 — City Hall Annex, 104 E. Percy St.
  • Ward 2 — Courthouse Annex, 202 Main St.
  • Ward 3 — Carver Elementary Auditorium, 400 Jefferson St.
  • Ward 4 — Bethune Center, 1700 Bates Ave.
  • Ward 5 — Gentry Gym Lobby, 801 B.B. King Road


Members of the Indianola Democratic Executive Committee

David Rushing, Chairman

Foster King, Co-chairman

Margaret Rushing, Secretary

Cynthia Armstrong, Treasurer

Doug Card

Leon Minniefield

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