Sunflower Dems Rally behind Tracey Rosebud in Dist 30 Runoff

The results of the May 8 Special Election for the Dist. 30 house seat have resulted in a runoff election set for May 29 between Tracey Rosebud of Tutwiler and Blake Feretti of Cleveland.

Because it is a special election, all candidates ran as independents. Mr. Rosebud, however, is a known Democrat who has run under our banner before. Mr. Feretti has no Democratic credentials and is reported to be backed by state and national groups antithetical to public education.

In its April meeting, the Sunflower County Democratic Executive Committee endorsed our native son, Lester Williams of Ruleville, in the May 8 election, with the understanding it would endorse the known Democrat should there be a runoff with Mr. Feretti.

To meet this commitment, the Sunflower County Democratic Executive Committee is hosting a special meeting on Sat., May 12 at 10 a.m. in the Ruleville Youth Center, 101 Oscar St., Ruleville to discuss a get-out-the-vote campaign for Mr. Rosebud. Also attending will be Democratic Committee Chairs from Dist. 30 counties, chairs from other neighboring counties, state party leaders and supporters of public education. Click here for details.

Here are the unofficial results of the May 8 election in Sunflower County


  • Ferretti 40
  • McClellan 5
  • Rosebud 10
  • Williams 224

Ruleville North

  • Feretti 64
  • McClellan 2
  • Rosebud 7
  • Williams 39


  • Feretti 86
  • McClellan 9
  • Rosebud 56
  • Williams 101


  • Feretti 16
  • McClellan 1
  • Rosebud 6
  • Williams 16


  • Feretti 206
  • McClellan 17
  • Rosebud 79
  • Williams 380

Special Election for Dist. 30 Legislative Seat

Due to the sudden an unexpected resignation of Robert Huddleston from the House District 30 seat he has held for the past 23, a special election has been set for May 8.

House District 30 includes most of North Sunflower County. Affected precincts are Drew, Rome, Ruleville North and parts of Ruleville precincts. The district also encompasses precincts in Bolivar, Quitman and Tallahatchie Counties.

Filing their papers to run for the vacant seat are Blake Ferretti of Cleveland, William McClellan of Charleston, Tracey Rosebud of Tutwiler and Lester Williams of Ruleville.

Because it is a special election, candidates will not run under a party banner. However, McClellan, Rosebud and Williams have been active in the Democratic primary. Both Rosebud and Williams challenged Blackburn in past Democratic Primaries.

A runoff, if needed, will be held on May 29.

The winner will fill Huddleston's unexpired term, which ends in Jan. 2020.

State Dems Announce 2018 Federal Candidates

The Mississippi Democratic Party presents its field of candidates seeking our nomination for the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Voters will go the the polls during the June 5 Democratic Primary to select a nominee for Senate in a statewide vote, while voters in the Third Congressional District will select their Democratic nominee for the house from a field of two candidates. Named as the party nominees by virtue of drawing no primary challenge are Randy Wadkins (1st CD), Bennie Thompson (2nd CD Incumbent) and Jeramey Anderson (4th CD).

The Democratic nominees will face off against other challengers in the Nov. 6 General election.

The link below will lead you to information about each of the candidates and how to contact them.

Important Election Informational Links

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2017 Session of the Mississippi Legislature passed numerous changes to the state's election laws which was subsequently signed by the governor. Many of the changes impact local election procedures and candidate qualifications. It is important that Sunflower Countians, especially those politically active, review this law to familiarize themselves with the changes. To read the law, as passed and signed into law, click the link immediately below for a PDF version (Note before printing: it is a 268-page document).

Secretary of State Elections Contact Information


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Elections FAX: 601-359-5019

Mailing address:
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Mississippi Attorney General Contact Information

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General Contact information

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