About Us


Grounded in the past, eyes to the future

The Sunflower County Democratic Executive Committee is a grassroots political organization elected every four years under the rules of the Mississippi Democratic Party. It is the local branch of the Mississippi Democratic and the National Democratic Parties. As such, the Sunflower County Democratic Executive Committee shares their goals, endorses their platforms and is governed by their bylaws and constitutions.

The Sunflower County Democratic Party is historically rooted in the Jacksonian Democrat Movement, later sullied by Jim Crow Segregation. Today's Sunflower County Democratic Party took a far different direction in the 1970s after being completely transformed by the Freedom Summer movement led by Sunflower County resident Fannie Lou Hamer of Ruleville. We are inextricably linked to this movement which started right here in impoverished, rural Sunflower County and reverberated across the state and nation to create the modern Democratic Party and its ideal of total inclusion.

With this long, continuing people's struggle in mind, the Sunflower County Democratic Executive Committee keeps its collective gaze focused on maintaining the ground we have gained while working towards a brighter future for all Sunflower Countians.